Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last Summer.

I always thought before the vacation during summer could kick start. Me and my sister always pen down the stuff we would like to do during our Vacation in Nepal. Well one things was obvious that we might not get enough time to execute all, but we believe to have our own Bucket List, so we had one.

Not sure but it was a day during Hot summer, we took a flight to Nepal, those days were cool in Kathmandu, people were not much immune to the whole Threatening system of present. Well we went to our Aunt house, First thing from the bucket list.., Yeah!!! it's time for shopping.., Next to my aunt house, there stand a Big mall called World Market, as the name suggest you actually get everything one need.

We couldn't wait for longer., A Hour Later, both hand full of Begs walking and chating with Cousin's and guess what one cannot ignore the Momo's in the street of Kathmandu. My sister was kind of amuse, Looking at White Folks Eating Mamo's like never Before, To be Precious she always hated Mamo's , Now she got her summer break., well she would like to have some., Though she didn't tell me straight looking to my eyes., i understand her act around, I had those mixed reaction.

Off-course you would like to eat some animal stuffed. I didn't eat much because i knew that aunt must be preparing something nice which i feel is much more better then this street side. Looked at sister, wow she is eating today. We had the sarcastic talk for while, i didn't like that coz when mom prepare the same stuff at home she throws her tantrum saying that she does not like Momo's!!! chicken in it and i don't like stuffed food which was true for that moment, she never eat anything stuffed, but guess she broke her silence and ate all for last few times Mom prepared.

Evening was always fascinating and fun at my Aunt's Place, everyone including your unknown comes to a halt at my Aunt's place well must be because she is one of the well known personality of Town. I meet a very interesting personality in there., It seems he control certain social services in Kathmandu around the corner. I always had Zeal to be a part of it. Well me and my sister share the same space on this.

Night was pleasant, but didn't favor me at all., i had to share my bed with my Elder cousin brother and he pissed me that night to the core., Well m younger then you and not at all interested tonight to listen about your Girlfriends and your future planing. Damn it you had took those sleeping moment of mine and trust me it was not a part my bucket list.
Morning arises like a new day for me. Smell of the Dewdrops of night, the Fog all over !!!!! It was amazing to be true.
Whether in Kathmandu was favoring and in India it was Hot, But summer alwayz has something very special for us " MANGO ". To be frank i cannot ignore Mango and Cherry under any circumstances, you call me selfish that does not hurt much, Unless i have some in hand.
In India they say " Soonay main suhaga ", This Phrase goes so very well with the Whether we have in Kathmandu., cold and Breezing.

Well there are more to write and i my moment to be share won't end.

We have spent rest of our days in peace and Fun, and transit back to normal being and monotonous life in Delhi.


  1. Memories are the only asset we have thats constant in our lives.

    Good one. Keep them coming.

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