Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sunny and Bright.

Heard it right, Now listen the amenical way of expressing you as a genius.
Preciously when they say, the hottie is arriving or I’m like Gaga over emm. Wow that must be something, Nevertheless Mike is the same shit as other in the crowd. Grinding chin up and down with Disastrous Attitude, this flows like Arrogance and guess who deserve that!!!?? Lol i thought that once but i could not get answer.

Later i realize that, it is one state of mind which makes you look like Chaser. Be sober and calm.
Love you don’t get searching, trust the world it comes it's way. For instance my Best Buddy (Guess what He is Sun and im shine) recently got someone beautiful as Bright, No flaws. They live for each other, neither were desperate for one and now together and happening. Love for other means nothing, say what you are selfish. Learn how to love yourself, love what you do.
Milestone is not set the way we wanted the way we think, they are set the way we don’t want and guess why, coz destiny is not easy to reach, strive hard and harder Like Sun and Bright.

Sign off,



  1. My First Post!!! Dedicated To Ad and Vee.

  2. Vee there is so much to write.., wait and watch.., Lol.

  3. Lovely. Like the line 'Learn how to love yourself, love what you do.'

    For me Love is an attitude. Either u have it or u don't.

    Great start. Hope to see u penning down more and regular.

    Welcome to Blogosphere.