Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Summer Haze.

That morning i woke up in Blue ., went to kitchen to get my Cuppa, i saw Silla in my " Kitchen " and hell out to her what are you doing here. She then said, Remember what i told you in your Hour's.

You see sometime things cannot be dealt the way you wanted to.I always hallucinate things which are not real and irony is this whole thing which i thought is totally untrue. I saw Silla in my dream, we broke up last summer it was stupid, though we knew things cannot work out that well.

Common you like Black Shoes and im all jazzy. The Colors Fills my life, yours painted only with Black and white.Now you wanted to make a story, well that's a Idea. You can be Juliet and guess what ill be Romeo.

Ad Knows it all, i have always asked for profoundly tender, passionate affection which would embrace me always.
Well they say, Things you want you get nothing of em. Dream had always chased me someway or the other, i always used to think that i will shape my life with my own, but later i realized that i been controlled over. You see im a free bird, like to live my life with my own thoughts., i can't be cornered a single moment.

There were few things which i hate about silla.For me, Talking is different then giving it shape, One can talk so many things about anything or i will do this, ill do that ! Common do it dammit. There were few instances i felt good about Silla. Her caring nature ( Upto some extent- Dont treat me like you baby ). Off lately we both have realised that there is something missing., we lost those sparks we had earlier, Now she does not amuse me much and attraction is almost shrunk.
You betta Do it or wait for the right moment to come and Spell you bean Over's.

Why can't i just imagine or see the world though my eyes.It is so Blur when i see through Yours. Well you believe those are Nice, i never denied that myself but sometime you have let other the way the wanted to be. Preciously saying you Bother sometime way to much.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Last Summer.

I always thought before the vacation during summer could kick start. Me and my sister always pen down the stuff we would like to do during our Vacation in Nepal. Well one things was obvious that we might not get enough time to execute all, but we believe to have our own Bucket List, so we had one.

Not sure but it was a day during Hot summer, we took a flight to Nepal, those days were cool in Kathmandu, people were not much immune to the whole Threatening system of present. Well we went to our Aunt house, First thing from the bucket list.., Yeah!!! it's time for shopping.., Next to my aunt house, there stand a Big mall called World Market, as the name suggest you actually get everything one need.

We couldn't wait for longer., A Hour Later, both hand full of Begs walking and chating with Cousin's and guess what one cannot ignore the Momo's in the street of Kathmandu. My sister was kind of amuse, Looking at White Folks Eating Mamo's like never Before, To be Precious she always hated Mamo's , Now she got her summer break., well she would like to have some., Though she didn't tell me straight looking to my eyes., i understand her act around, I had those mixed reaction.

Off-course you would like to eat some animal stuffed. I didn't eat much because i knew that aunt must be preparing something nice which i feel is much more better then this street side. Looked at sister, wow she is eating today. We had the sarcastic talk for while, i didn't like that coz when mom prepare the same stuff at home she throws her tantrum saying that she does not like Momo's!!! chicken in it and i don't like stuffed food which was true for that moment, she never eat anything stuffed, but guess she broke her silence and ate all for last few times Mom prepared.

Evening was always fascinating and fun at my Aunt's Place, everyone including your unknown comes to a halt at my Aunt's place well must be because she is one of the well known personality of Town. I meet a very interesting personality in there., It seems he control certain social services in Kathmandu around the corner. I always had Zeal to be a part of it. Well me and my sister share the same space on this.

Night was pleasant, but didn't favor me at all., i had to share my bed with my Elder cousin brother and he pissed me that night to the core., Well m younger then you and not at all interested tonight to listen about your Girlfriends and your future planing. Damn it you had took those sleeping moment of mine and trust me it was not a part my bucket list.
Morning arises like a new day for me. Smell of the Dewdrops of night, the Fog all over !!!!! It was amazing to be true.
Whether in Kathmandu was favoring and in India it was Hot, But summer alwayz has something very special for us " MANGO ". To be frank i cannot ignore Mango and Cherry under any circumstances, you call me selfish that does not hurt much, Unless i have some in hand.
In India they say " Soonay main suhaga ", This Phrase goes so very well with the Whether we have in Kathmandu., cold and Breezing.

Well there are more to write and i my moment to be share won't end.

We have spent rest of our days in peace and Fun, and transit back to normal being and monotonous life in Delhi.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Queen's Size

Look at her!!!! The Flashy Attire shucks, I don’t know why she does not realize that it is not at all Convincing.

My lord, I must have Judge her wrong, it seems she likes it , Though she does not deserve this, People say it disease or Malfunction, you know what.., be it, how does it matter when you started liking yourself when you have started doing what you want.

See there is a difference, Call it discreet or Nonsense. You know nothing. You copy other and wanna be like who is she or he. Guess what, Queen's live their life the way they want it to. Does she have other thought about it, I don’t know but I have seen that emotion of being left out, I have seen that Look which says that I have desire to be like someone great and please like me or appreciate me the way I’m. And what makes it the best is that she having great heart for other. You like her she would Love you. Instance I have met few Such Darling, they party like never before, Sloshed and dance like anything and then in Dark she comes out of her Polka and glare. She cries often of something which bothers her every time. Have you ever realize how hard it is to be left out, to be alone.

Now let’s listen to the reality. Who are you ask yourself, I would say m a Sober Man. Now take some time off and think twice what you have done or thing you have done till now makes you what you are. No coz you been doing something other than being you. You like being with friend, chat with Friend's or sometime Talk to you closest one.., say your parents. If you look deep beneath the reality, you will found yourself Fake and guess what!!! You are. Mike once told me that he is going to talk this New Chic in the town, wow she is great and gotta booty!! Awesome.., Fanatic though. More or like “Goan Ki Gowri” But totally Urbanize.., Eio that make her Mother of all Cheapo. Mike Giggles in front of her and say lets fly away Bas i can’t stand her any more. That Markey Expression of her killed that evening. Guess what it was hot in Bangalore and rained the same day i was like in the sky but what is this happening OMG please spare me for My sin Friend. He just committed suicide, makes her do it all. But I though for second and pet him like someone mine coz it is not his fault, how would you walk from Left to the right and way back same and stop straight.

Beauty that would kill everyone until u get someone of your skin and guess what, Bitches could not stand each other. Everything has Irony., Queen you look beautiful otherwise but wear what you are, your skin has a Glitch which makes you more of Despo though you are not.., Did i just committed Mike's earlier, I believe yes., Thing otherwise treat yourself like what other want you to be or else you are nevertheless Queen.

Dedicated To my Queeny Friends, I have got some.

Sunny and Bright.

Heard it right, Now listen the amenical way of expressing you as a genius.
Preciously when they say, the hottie is arriving or I’m like Gaga over emm. Wow that must be something, Nevertheless Mike is the same shit as other in the crowd. Grinding chin up and down with Disastrous Attitude, this flows like Arrogance and guess who deserve that!!!?? Lol i thought that once but i could not get answer.

Later i realize that, it is one state of mind which makes you look like Chaser. Be sober and calm.
Love you don’t get searching, trust the world it comes it's way. For instance my Best Buddy (Guess what He is Sun and im shine) recently got someone beautiful as Bright, No flaws. They live for each other, neither were desperate for one and now together and happening. Love for other means nothing, say what you are selfish. Learn how to love yourself, love what you do.
Milestone is not set the way we wanted the way we think, they are set the way we don’t want and guess why, coz destiny is not easy to reach, strive hard and harder Like Sun and Bright.

Sign off,