Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Summer Haze.

That morning i woke up in Blue ., went to kitchen to get my Cuppa, i saw Silla in my " Kitchen " and hell out to her what are you doing here. She then said, Remember what i told you in your Hour's.

You see sometime things cannot be dealt the way you wanted to.I always hallucinate things which are not real and irony is this whole thing which i thought is totally untrue. I saw Silla in my dream, we broke up last summer it was stupid, though we knew things cannot work out that well.

Common you like Black Shoes and im all jazzy. The Colors Fills my life, yours painted only with Black and white.Now you wanted to make a story, well that's a Idea. You can be Juliet and guess what ill be Romeo.

Ad Knows it all, i have always asked for profoundly tender, passionate affection which would embrace me always.
Well they say, Things you want you get nothing of em. Dream had always chased me someway or the other, i always used to think that i will shape my life with my own, but later i realized that i been controlled over. You see im a free bird, like to live my life with my own thoughts., i can't be cornered a single moment.

There were few things which i hate about silla.For me, Talking is different then giving it shape, One can talk so many things about anything or i will do this, ill do that ! Common do it dammit. There were few instances i felt good about Silla. Her caring nature ( Upto some extent- Dont treat me like you baby ). Off lately we both have realised that there is something missing., we lost those sparks we had earlier, Now she does not amuse me much and attraction is almost shrunk.
You betta Do it or wait for the right moment to come and Spell you bean Over's.

Why can't i just imagine or see the world though my eyes.It is so Blur when i see through Yours. Well you believe those are Nice, i never denied that myself but sometime you have let other the way the wanted to be. Preciously saying you Bother sometime way to much.

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