Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Queen's Size

Look at her!!!! The Flashy Attire shucks, I don’t know why she does not realize that it is not at all Convincing.

My lord, I must have Judge her wrong, it seems she likes it , Though she does not deserve this, People say it disease or Malfunction, you know what.., be it, how does it matter when you started liking yourself when you have started doing what you want.

See there is a difference, Call it discreet or Nonsense. You know nothing. You copy other and wanna be like who is she or he. Guess what, Queen's live their life the way they want it to. Does she have other thought about it, I don’t know but I have seen that emotion of being left out, I have seen that Look which says that I have desire to be like someone great and please like me or appreciate me the way I’m. And what makes it the best is that she having great heart for other. You like her she would Love you. Instance I have met few Such Darling, they party like never before, Sloshed and dance like anything and then in Dark she comes out of her Polka and glare. She cries often of something which bothers her every time. Have you ever realize how hard it is to be left out, to be alone.

Now let’s listen to the reality. Who are you ask yourself, I would say m a Sober Man. Now take some time off and think twice what you have done or thing you have done till now makes you what you are. No coz you been doing something other than being you. You like being with friend, chat with Friend's or sometime Talk to you closest one.., say your parents. If you look deep beneath the reality, you will found yourself Fake and guess what!!! You are. Mike once told me that he is going to talk this New Chic in the town, wow she is great and gotta booty!! Awesome.., Fanatic though. More or like “Goan Ki Gowri” But totally Urbanize.., Eio that make her Mother of all Cheapo. Mike Giggles in front of her and say lets fly away Bas i can’t stand her any more. That Markey Expression of her killed that evening. Guess what it was hot in Bangalore and rained the same day i was like in the sky but what is this happening OMG please spare me for My sin Friend. He just committed suicide, makes her do it all. But I though for second and pet him like someone mine coz it is not his fault, how would you walk from Left to the right and way back same and stop straight.

Beauty that would kill everyone until u get someone of your skin and guess what, Bitches could not stand each other. Everything has Irony., Queen you look beautiful otherwise but wear what you are, your skin has a Glitch which makes you more of Despo though you are not.., Did i just committed Mike's earlier, I believe yes., Thing otherwise treat yourself like what other want you to be or else you are nevertheless Queen.

Dedicated To my Queeny Friends, I have got some.

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